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Modular Moving Light 
Smart Speaker partier

RNS Co. Ltd. was established in 2018, with the philosophy of bringing smiles and laughter to people by making the most fun and enjoyable products in the world. 

By innovating existing products with user ideas and feedback, we are always trying to reflect users' needs and make our products more functional and suitable 

to the current environment. 

The uniqueness of 'Partier' is making a great hit 

in the Bluetooth audio market. 

We are an international team of professionals from South Korea, Singapore, China, and Italy, 
with expertise in entrepreneurship, electrical engineering, 
and creative marketing. 

Months of hard work by the team shaped 
Partier into what we see today.


2016 08
Idea patent application

2018 02

Registered an idea patent

2018 03

First prototype completed
Made by Vodka lime bottle.

2018 06

2nd prototype completed
We focus more on commercialization products

2018 12

 Startup Campus Hardware Demo Day
 3rd place winner

2019 04

3rd prototype completed
Some minor issues related to lighting and robot joint synchronization were fixed and working well.

2019 10

Final prototype completed
Built to work all functions

2019 11

 KINGO-GA Entrepreneurship Contest:
2nd place winner

2020 01

Kickstarter crowdfunding 
Achieved S$68,358

2020 01

 CES EUREKA participation

2020 06

Completed sample products for mass
 production after mold completion

2020 07

Completed 4 types of module lighting

2020 10

US, Europe, China, Japan, and Korea wireless certification success



企业介绍 (株)RNS成立于2018年,秉持“制造全世界最有趣的产品,给人们带来快乐与欢笑”的哲学。


在我们团队几个月的努力下,诞生出今天我们所见到的独具创新的优秀产品Partier。 .


2016 08. 创意专利申请
2018 02. 提出了一个创意专利
2018 03. 完成第一个原型:伏特加石灰瓶制造。
2018 06. 完成第二个原型:我们将重点放在商品化产品上
2018 12. 创业园区硬件演示日:第三名r
2019 04. 第三原型完成:与照明和机器人关节同步有关的一些小问题已修复且运行良好。
2019 10. 最终原型完成:可以使用所有功能
2019 11. KINGO-GA创业大赛:第二名
2020 01. Kickstarter众筹达到S $ 68,358
2020 01. CES EUREKA参与
2020 06. 模具完成后完成样品产品的批量生产
2020 07. 完成4种类型的模块照明
2020 10. US, E 美国,欧洲,中国,日本和韩国的无线认证成功

公司:RNS Co., Ltd.

首席执行官:Jun Kim 

京畿道富川市富川路198beon-gil 18栋

手机:+ 82-70-4647-3996 
电子邮件: info@partier.shop

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公司:RNS Co., Ltd.

首席执行官:Jun Kim / 营业执照号:186-86-01122

办事处:京畿道富川市富川路198beon-gil 18栋202栋10楼7号

手机:+ 82-70-4647-3996 / 电子邮件: info@partier.shop

Copyright ⓒ 2020 Partier All rights reserved.